Preparing for Your Visit

We have recently changed vendors for the company that we utilize to have patients complete forms online and no longer have the forms on our website. Please read the information below on how you can access these forms.

Once a procedure is recommended, your physician’s office will contact our scheduling coordinator to arrange a date and time for you.

You may receive a packet including all necessary health and insurance forms before leaving your physician’s office or it will be mailed to you. Please send us your completed health and insurance information prior to your procedure. This allows us to verify your insurance benefits and check that your physician has pre-certified your procedure. For convenience we  also offer  the option to complete the health history and medication reconciliation form online. You will receive a text message or email from our scheduling vendor, Casetabs, that will include a link to your health history questionnaire. Once you receive your text from Casetabs, please select the link provided in your message in order to complete your paperwork online. You should receive this message 7 days before your procedure date. If you are scheduled within the 7 day window, you will get the message 3 days prior to your procedure date Note that all areas of these forms must be completed and are not optional.

Next, within seven days of your surgery, our pre-assessment nurse will contact you to ensure that all necessary lab work and other required medical tests have been completed. Our nurse will also review any special steps that need to be taken before your procedure.

Procedures at both Lansing Surgery Center and Genesis Surgery Center are scheduled on weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Ample parking is available close by. For your comfort and convenience, a relative or friend who accompanies you on the day of surgery will be able to drive right up to our door when you arrive.

You should plan to arrive at the surgical center an hour before your scheduled appointment unless instructed otherwise. After a brief wait in the reception area, you’ll be escorted to the pre-op area for routine assessment, including a blood pressure check and other pre-operative steps.

Once your procedure is complete, you’ll be moved to a post-op area to be carefully monitored until your recovery from anesthesia is complete and you’re ready to return home.

Both Lansing Surgery Center and Genesis Surgery Center were constructed with patient comfort in mind. After your procedure you may leave through a separate – more private – exit.

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